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My latest book, Rearview Window/My Life 1939-1957, is a memoir tracing my life from birth to high school graduation. It begins in Loves Park Illinois, a small rural city in Illinois and culminates in suburban St. Albans, New York City. It captures the nuances of growing up in both locations capturing the life styles of young black kids coming of age in a calm environment in vivid contrast with today's complex world.

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"Recrudescence: Poems in the Key of Black"

©2019 by Eddie Bell
Recrudescence: Poems in the Key of Black, is an eclectic collection of free-verse work poetry; a journey of blackness; in the past and even now. The poems are illustrative and bring many images to mind and they make intangible concepts feel tangible. The section, Knife, is open and real dealing with the male voyage through prostate cancer and its aftermath and the rawness of post-surgery life. Family, the calm of nature, and an intimate observation of people whose lives hold special meaning give depth to the collection as does the author’s personal insight gathered from living in a complex world. The concluding trilogy, Mama Dear, and the poetic memoir, Hallelujah Anyhow, is the author’s reminiscence about the mother he never knew because of her tragic early death. As one reader of the manuscript wrote, “I felt like I knew your mother…you truly captured who she was, her life, her sentiments; and showed the effects of her presence and absence.”

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"Our Children's Keepers"

©2013 by Edward Derrick Bell
"Our Children's Keepers" is a step-by-step guide for churches that want to help youth go to college. Combining successful college preparation strategies with scriptural foundations, the guide covers the full spectrum of the college admission process. It is the perfect tool for developing church-school-community partnerships.

"Our Children's Keepers" is a guide for the development of successful group pre-college mentoring programs. It deals directly with program planning and administration, as well as the roles and responsibilities of mentors, parents, and students. It is also a resource guide for families with high school students preparing for college admission.

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Our Children's Keepers

"Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, Time to Lynch a Negro"

©2009 by Eddie Bell
This daring book is a collection of free-verse poems and short stories that elicits a tapestry of emotion as it reveals the humanity of lynching in a unique, memorable presentation. Though the subject matter is disquieting, it is handled with grace and thoughtfulness and will leave the reader moved and with a deeper understanding and appreciation of this part of the American story.

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo, Time to Lynch a Negro

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The following books are only available through this website. Only a few first edition copies are available, so contact Eddie Bell to order your copy today.


©2003 by Eddie Bell
"Eddie Bell: En Français Selected and New Works," Eddie Bell's second volume of poetry, is a compilation narrative poetry in English with side-by-side translations in French. The translations in this unique book were accomplished by a task force of accomplished French poets, French English professors, and French students. Some of the poetry is taken from "Capt's Dreaming Chair," with a few of the poems drawn from Eddie's experiences in France. One poem, "Side Streets," was presented to President Bill Clinton at the White House. President Clinton had this say about "Side Streets" in a letter he wrote to Eddie: "We want to thank you for the poem. It's wonderful, and we will treasure it all the more because of the history you helped make possible..."

“Eddie Bell: En Français Selected And New Works“

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"Capt's Dreaming Chair"

©2001 by Eddie Bell
"Capt's Dreaming Chair" is Eddie Bell's first volume of poetry published in 2001. This collection of narrative poetry tells human stories about life situations. Many of the poems are taken from the lives of his family, especially his father, Captain Carl Bell, a self-made man, veteran of two wars, and family patriarch. The poems take on a universality that crosses cultures, ethnicities, and ages. When Eddie reads them in public, it is not uncommon for emotions to tingle and tears to flow in recognition of life's unfair circumstance.

"Capt's Dreaming Chair" has been well received by the literary world, and a number of the poems were chosen for translation into French as part of cultural exchange in France and as the basis of a preparatory school and university translation project for French-English language students.


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"Festival of Tears: Poems and narration by Eddie Bell"

©2009 by Eddie Bell
A dramatic presentation of poetry that brings together jazz and classical musicians rendering Negro spirituals and jazz improvisations that accompany Eddie's harmonic voice and add depth to the recording.

"Festival of Tears" includes the following featured poems: "Collateral Damage: A soliloquy," a blues poem from a desolate wife who has lost her husband to a lynching; "Aftermath of the Bad Nigger Festival: An old woman's story," a remembrance of an aged white woman whose father took her to a spectacle lynching as a young girl, "...Papa didn't you think the ghost would come?"; and "A Prayer for Reuben," a father's broken-hearted prayer for forgiveness of the mob that lynched his son.

Festival of Tears

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